May Brenner on May and Sydney Brenner’s Wedding
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Recorded: 14 Jun 2005

For the days that never where when I was a child and putting little pieces of a mosaic together to make a pretty picture which didn’t exist when all the pieces were in their places. I can tell you when we got married. They asked me—that’s one of the things they asked me—the Stockholm business. Or they wanted pictures and I said, well, we haven’t got pictures of our wedding. They said you must have pictures of your wedding, how ridiculous. I said, no. It was the last great fog in London. We were fogged in completely. No one could see their way anywhere. It’s an hour flat (?) the Registry Office which must have been twelve blocks took a couple of hours feeling our way to get there. A couple of his friends from medical school, a couple of my friend from university, one cousin who happened to be in London at the time and my son in the Registry Office and then feeling our way like blind people back to our flat to eat chicken sandwiches, I think they were, and smoke. Those were the days when everybody smoked and smoked all the time. Then we were going off to a little riverside pub just outside of London. That was a joke. We had no car. People didn’t have cars. We had no cars. We had no cameras. I said to a German in Stockholm, there was a fog and none of my friends nor myself had money to have cameras and buy film for them. This wasn’t today. This was long ago. There are no pictures of our wedding except in our brains. Well, it wasn’t a party. I was sharing a flat with a friend of mine who worked when I worked at a community center. She was a secretary. I was the psychologist and her husband who was a doctor. A man called Julian Hoffman, who I think was medical. Sydney knew him from medical school and my cousin, Colin. Nearly all my cousins were called Colin, Colin Wolf. All my Wolf relations. I didn’t know my dad relations so well. Two friends from up from university, Ann Marie and Eva and that was the party. That was enough. No dancing. Yes, I’ve always liked dancing. I was very surprised and I think I’d been married to Sydney for awhile before I realized he was a good dancer, very light on his feet and that we could dance very well together. I remember dancing in Switzerland, in Basel after some I don’t know, lecture, medal whatever, degree. I remember the dancing, but I don’t remember what we were there for.

May Brenner was married to Sydney Brenner from December 1952 until her death in January 2010. She was engaged in doing a Ph.D. in Psychology in London.