May Brenner on The Importance of Prizes
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Recorded: 14 Jun 2005

I think you’re making too much about prizes. I don’t think prize enter into our lives. They enter into sort of arguments [like] oh, do you really have to go to Toronto? Is it important? Well, yes, I suppose I have to—well, darling you’re so tired. Do you think you can get any rest before you go. No, you know, I have to go to so and so. Oh, this is really too much. It’s much more likely to be that kind of conversation than ah, you’ve won another prize, clever little boy. It isn’t like that. Prizes are so external. They are not like friends and they are not even like good meals or they are not like youthful music or they are not like holding someone’s hand. They don’t get inside you where these other things get. They are very external.

May Brenner was married to Sydney Brenner from December 1952 until her death in January 2010. She was engaged in doing a Ph.D. in Psychology in London.