Jim Hudson on Long Distance Learning at HudsonAlpha Institute
  Jim Hudson     Biography    
Recorded: 08 May 2008

Distance learning, is I think it’s just getting started and just becoming really practical, but we are conducting classes with one teacher in ten classrooms and it seems to be working. But, it’s very early. A lot of work goes into just one lesson. So it’s, there are a lot of tools needed and infrastructure needed because you need a, an HD quality image at both ends, we hopefully are going to bring that kind of technology to Alabama. I have to say our Governor, the first time I met him, he said, ‘I wanna do’ – I told him we were going to do long-distance learning and he said: ‘Good ’cause he want – I want every student in the state of Alabama to have access to Chinese – learning Chinese.’ He felt like, you know, that was important if – for – if Alabama is going to leapfrog anybody, then if a large percentage of students in Alabama can speak Chinese, then they can interact with China better than any other part of the nation. So, pretty forward thinking.

Jim Hudson scientist and businessmen who founded Research Genetics in 1987, the company that made synthetic DNA. He received a dual major in chemistry and physics from the University of Alabama and studied molecular biology. His company was very successful and dominated the market for synthetically made DNA in USA. That allowed Research Genetics to play a main role in the Human Genome Project. Company was sold in 2000 to Invitrogen.

Jim Hudson is co-founder of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville. Together with his wife he formed a biodefense company, Concero Scientific.

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