Jim Hudson on Funding for Biotechnology Now Versus in the Past
  Jim Hudson     Biography    
Recorded: 08 May 2008

I actually think it is very easy to attract money to a good biotechnology idea and I don’t know that it was hard back then. I started my own company with my own money and bank money. I never tried to raise money so I didn’t – I don’t know if it would have been hard to raise private capital, but I have helped incubate about eight companies and we don’t have any trouble raising money. A good idea – money will find it.

Jim Hudson scientist and businessmen who founded Research Genetics in 1987, the company that made synthetic DNA. He received a dual major in chemistry and physics from the University of Alabama and studied molecular biology. His company was very successful and dominated the market for synthetically made DNA in USA. That allowed Research Genetics to play a main role in the Human Genome Project. Company was sold in 2000 to Invitrogen.

Jim Hudson is co-founder of HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville. Together with his wife he formed a biodefense company, Concero Scientific.

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