Renato Dulbecco on On Identity
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Recorded: 22 Feb 2011

Well, in effect I—when I think about this problem of a rich family [unintelligible], that really what made me is the way I grew up. And since I grew up here, in this country, obviously my soul, my mind, they are made according to what is the state of the country.

Well, first of all the type of life that one develops, see, because of, if I had grown up in China, I'm sure I would be a different person. There's no problem with that. And so, even without getting too far, even if I had grown up in Germany, even France, my life would be different. No doubt, I mean, because every day life leaves a, how do you say, mark on your life.

Renato Dulbecco was born in Catanzaro,Italy, in 1914. He studied medicine in Turin before joining the Italian Resistance movement against Benito Mussolini during theSecond Wold War.

After the war Dulbecco emigrated to the United States and worked with Salvador Luria at the University of Indiana before moving on to the University of California.

Won the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award in 1964.

Won the 1975 Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology with David Baltimore and Howard Temin "for their discoveries concerning the interaction between tumor viruses and the genetic material of the cell".