Raymond Gesteland on Scientists at CSHL
  Raymond Gesteland     Biography    
Recorded: 04 Jun 2001

There were not many more than six, as far as I can remember. So there was Al Hershey, Barbara McClintock, John Cairns, two post doctoral fellows, myself, and Margolin, who by that time had left, or was on his way out... Obviously it was very quiet in the wintertime, wonderfully quiet in the wintertime, but very, very isolated, because it wasn’t a very big community, so the social life was the lab itself. More or less everybody lived right here and the summer activities, which increased the activity normally, were really confined to just the summer from June to early September. And then the whole world came through, which was wonderful, but then there’s that wonderful rest of the year, which was peaceful and quiet to work. It was quite a unique place.

Raymond Gesteland, biologist, has made progress in describing essential mechanisms for controlled gene expression. His research on recoding provides insight into replication of RNA viruses such as HIV and the genetic code. Gesteland also concentrates on ribosome function and response to mRNA signals.

He received a master’s degree in biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin and earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University. After working at Alfred Tissières Laboratory in Geneva, in 1967, Gesteland arrived at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to work under Jim Watson as Assistant Director for Research.

Gesteland is currently Vice President for Research, Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics, and Chairman of the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Utah.