Ernst Peter Fischer on Arrival at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Summer 1973
  Ernst Peter Fischer     Biography    
Recorded: 23 Jun 2000

Arrival at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Summer 1973 So all of a sudden in the summer of ‘73 I came to Cold Spring Harbor and spent eight weeks here. And if I just can summarize these eight weeks, this was a kind of living on cloud 7.

I mean you were in an environment where everybody was doing science. All you had to do was do science or eat or have a party. So if you had to do an experiment all of a sudden you realized that—at midnight—that you had forgotten something, you went to the lab, you came home, you could go for swimming. I mean it was just a very open life and I mean, I was 25 years old so that’s exactly what you really like to do. And the main center of all this was Max Delbruck—his family. We stayed at this time in Page motel. And there was this lawn in front of Page Motel and every night there was a party or every night somebody was—there was people sitting and these beautiful warm summer nights in Cold Spring Harbor.

So all of a sudden I was enjoying science and I was enjoying it in probably the best place that you can imagine. And, actually, I was very successful in these first 8 weeks.

Ernst Peter Fischer, Professor of the History of Science at the University of Constance since 1994. He studied mathematics and physics in Cologne and biology at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. He earned Ph.D. in biology and qualified as a professor in the history of science.

He has published biographies of Max Delbrück, Niels Bohr, Wolfgang Pauli and James D. Watson and received several awards for his scientific publications. Fischer is an author of such books as "Die andere Bildung", "Selling science - The history of Boehringer Mannheim" and "Das Genom" - an introduction into modern genome research.

He has been honoured with the Heinrich-Bechold-Medaille (1980), Preis der wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft Freiburg (1981); Lorenz-Oken-Medaille (2002), Treviranus-Medaille (2003) and Eduard-Rhein-Kulturpreis (2003).