Mary Jane Gething on CSHL Scientific Colleagues
  Mary Jane Gething     Biography    
Recorded: 16 Jan 2003

Doug Hanahan, although I’m not sure he was permanently there then. He was commuting up and down from Harvard but he spent a lot of time at Cold Spring Harbor. And we also worked together on the tPA project, the tissue plasminogen activator project which perhaps we’ll talk more about later on.

John Fiddes and Karen Talmadge. Karen also wasn’t then at the lab. She’d been a graduate student in Harvard, but she was doing a patent law degree in the city, in New York City, but she was living on the grounds so they were very good friends.

Oh, everybody in James was very close. And then the community obviously broadened out beyond that. Yasha Gluzman was a close, close friend there.

Mary-Jane Gething, biochemist is Head of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Melbourne where she earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry in 1974. Subsequently she went to Cambridge to do post-doctoral work.

In 1976, she moved to London to work on protein sequencing and in 1980, Gething and Joseph Sambrook received a NATO grant for travel to collaborate on virus research. She began working at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 1982 where she continued her research of proteins. In 1985, Gething and Sambrook moved to Dallas to work at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. They moved back to Australia in 1994.

Her current research involves protein folding in the cell and the role of molecular chaperone BiP.