Ashley Dunn on Advice to Young Scientists
  Ashley Dunn     Biography    
Recorded: 15 Jan 2003

Well, I would encourage them to be a scientist at least from the point of the view that the challenges associated with doing science are demanding, they are wonderful challenges and can be met.

I think the only hesitation I would have in giving that advice would be that it’s a very very highly competitive business and to simply be good isn’t necessarily the ticket to success. You need to have a huge amount of luck come your way. If you’re smart that’s going to help but it’s—so it’s sufficient, but it’s not all that is required to be successful in science and so I would say to a person that while recognizing that you can make your own luck you need a little bit of the type of the luck that is probably outside of your control. But I would encourage them to do it because it is very exciting and very challenging and very rewarding.

Ashley Dunn is currently a Senior Consulting Scientist and member of the Scientific Advisory Board at the Cryptome Pharmaceuticals Ltd., an Australian biotech company. He also serves on Australia’s Gene Technology Advisory Committee. He is the former Head of Molecular Biology in the Melbourne Branch of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.

He came to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in 1976 to work with Joe Sambrook as a postdoctoral fellow and eventually became a junior faculty member.

His research has been concentrated on mammalian growth factors and the regulators responsible for the production of white blood cells in mice and men. He co-invented a mammalian blood cell regulator (GM-CSF), and his lab was the one of the first to establish gene targeting in the development of human diseases such as cancer.