Winship Herr on Announcing CSHL’s New Graduate School Program
  Winship Herr     Biography    
Recorded: 09 Jul 2004

We worked on the brochure and it was a beautiful brochure. But the brochure I think didn’t get actually printed until like December 6th. The trustees meeting was November 4th, I believe it was where they gave the go-ahead. Before that we couldn’t announce we were having a graduate school.

You know, we were missing some very important times in the recruitment of students. They usually are deciding in the fall of each year. So time was rushing by.

The other thing that happened actually that fall that was very important was that Shirley Tilghman, had been a chair of a National Research Council Committee on Graduate Education and they had come out saying that basically there were too many graduate students in the biological sciences. So here we were about to announce a new graduate school and in the national press people are saying there are too many graduate students. I knew that this was going to be a problem.

So I gave Shirley Tilghman a call. I mean she had been a trustee you recall of the lab. She wasn’t anymore. I said to her, Shirley, you know we have this new graduate school going out and I really think you’re saying that we shouldn’t have any more graduate students, but I think we really have something special here that really could add—and she said, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, no. I mean Cold Spring Harbor should still have its own graduate school. So we announced that we were having a graduate school, did a press release and Science magazine picked up on it. They wrote a little blurb about Cold Spring Harbor starts a graduate school. Elliot Marshall talked to me about it and he wrote the piece. And they asked Shirley Tilghman for her thoughts and she said, oh, Cold Spring Harbor is the ideal place to have a new graduate school so we got a good plug from her.

We had to somehow—how were we going to get it out? So we had a number of advertisements. We spent, I think we spent $40,000 or so, between $30,000 and $40,000 on the brochure and about $20,000 on advertising and we did posters, we did mass mailings all around.

Winship Herr, director of the University of Lausanne School of Biology and member of EMBO. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of California in 1974 and Ph.D. for studies on recombinant retroviruses in leukemogenic mice with Walter Gilbert from Harvard University in 1982. He completed his postdoctoral research studies in Cambridge (England) with Frederick Sanger and with Joe Sambrook in Cold Spring Harbor. After that he joined the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory faculty in 1984. From 1994 till 2002 he was an assistant director of the Laboratory and founding dean of the Watson School of Biological Sciences from 1998 till 2004. He is a professor of the Center for Integrative Genomics at the University of Lausanne.

Winship Herr is a former National Science Foundation predoctoral fellow, Rita Allen Foundation Scholar, Helen Hay Whitney postdoctoral fellow, and Lita Annenberg Hazen Professor of Biological Sciences.

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