David Bentley on 2004 Meetings: Biology of Genomes
  David Bentley     Biography    
Recorded: 14 May 2004
(p)The other Cold Spring Harbor genome meetings, in particular—they’ve all been a very exciting set of meeting. Every meeting is very exciting. Every meeting has always had it’s own flavor. The flavor has to some extent always reflected the field, but it has tended somehow, always the meetings build up during a short period, three and a half days that we meet, and it always manages to throw some key elements of the field slightly out of perspective. It emphasizes them and it highlights what’s going on in a tremendous way. For that reason, plus the fact that it was extremely well attended; it was a very good, small, but cohesive international meeting. For that very reason it really became the benchmark for the field. It preceded the human genome and it has succeeded the human genome. It certainly wasn’t a meeting about the human genome. It is a meeting about the science and the principles underlying the study of genomes as a whole, genomes of many organisms. I think it’s a very nice feature that Cold Spring Harbor has brought in genetics, it brought in computing and informatics, it brought in what has always had model organisms and the study of animals without diverting into a biological meeting. Now I think it’s evolving quite naturally, joining the two, maybe more closely to biology—but it's genome biology or biology of the genome. I hope it will retain its identity and evolve with the field, a very fast moving field. (/p)

David Bentley, molecular biologist and geneticist, is currently Vice President and Chief Scientist of DNA Sequencing at Illumina, Inc., a commercial developer of genetic analysis tools and systems.

Educated at the University of Cambridge (M.A. in biochemistry) and the University of Oxford (Ph. D.), Dr. Bentley was a postdoctoral fellow, lecturer, and senior lecturer at Guy's and St. Thomas's Hospital in London from 1991 to 1993 where he studied mutations that cause genetic diseases, and a Senior Lecturer in the Division of Medical & Molecular Genetics at the University of London.

In 1993 he was brought to Sanger Centre (now known as Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute) as a founding member and head of human genetics by his mentor, John Sulston. Dr. Bentley led Sanger in their major contributions to the Human Genome Project, The Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNP) Consortium, and the International Haplotype Mapping (HapMap) Project. Dr. Bentley left Wellcome in 1985 to join commercial sequencer, Solexa, Inc., as Chief Scientist where he was responsible for the Company’s DNA sequencing applications development and projects. Solexa was acquired by Illumina in 2007.