The Bermuda Principles: Policies for DNA Sequence Data Sharing During the Human Genome Project

Kathryn G. Maxson, Ph.D., Robert Cook-Degan, MD, Rachel A. Ankeny, Ph.D.

Ocean Genomics & Ship-Seq: Deciphering the Genealogy of Neurons via Planetary Biodiversity Capture

Leonid L. Moroz, Ph.D.

The Vital Contributions of Women to Advancing Sequencing & Genomics: From the Early Days (1970s) to the Present

Judy Wieber, Ph.D.

Linked-Read Sequencing for Haplotype Phasing and Structural Variant Detection

Michael Schnall-Levin

Mapping the "Dark Matter" of the Genome -- Complex Structural Variations and Towards True Contiguity of de novo Assembly with Nanochannel Technology

Han Cao, Ph.D.
BioNano Genomics

Cost effective and automation friendly circulating DNA isolation from large volume of human plasma.

Xingwang Fang, Ph.D.

WildFire: A Novel In situ Isothermal Amplification Method for Next Generation Sequencing

Kai Lao, Ph.D.

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Celebration of 125 Years of Science, Discovery, and Education

Clare Clark

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