• James D. Watson

    The James D. Watson Collection documents the life of the famed scientist from his childhood in Chicago, to his Nobel Prize-winning discover, to his role as leader of the Human Genome Project.

  • Barbara McClintock

    The Barbara McClintock Collection includes a large number of photographs which belonged to the famed cytogeneticist

  • CSHL Symposia

    View photographs from over 75 years of the historic Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology.

  • Sydney Brenner

    The Sydney Brenner Collection documents the life of the famous scientist including his groundbreaking work on the genetic code and c. elegans, his leadership role at the MRC, and his career as a popular columnist.

  • Oral History

    Listen to the leading voices from the past and present in Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Biotechnology via the CSHL Oral History Project. Noller and Herr pictured.

  • Calvin Blackman Bridges - New Exhibit

    Creative scientist, artist of genetics, social adventurer, Calvin Bridges’ life was multifaceted and unorthodox.