Mitochondria Meeting: From Symbiotic Origins to Therapeutic Opportunities


Organizers: Anu Suomalainen, John E. Walker, Douglas C. Wallace & Mila Pollock

Bruce Stillman
Welcome and Introduction
Ludmila Pollock
Welcome and Introduction
Douglas Wallace
Welcome and Introduction

Session 1: Mitochondrial Biology, Bioenergetics, Biogenesis and Disease

Chair: Anu Suomalainen     University of Helsinki
John Walker
Some landmarks in research into mitochondria
David G. Nicholls
Mitochondrial bioenergetics and the chemiosmotic revolution
Douglas Wallace
Historical perspective of mitochondrial genetics and disease
Ian Young
Unlocking the secrets to the human mitochondrial genome- The historic Mitochondrial Sequencing Project in the Sanger Laboratory in Cambridge

Session 2: The origins of the organelle

Chair: Vincent Procaccio     University of Angers
Nick Lane
The Flux Capacitor- How mitochondria shape the evolution of complexity
Michael W. Gray
What do we really know about the origin of mitochondria?
Dan Mishmar
Co-regulation of the mitochondrial and nuclear gene expression- Adaptation to the eukaryote host regulatory system

Session 3: Complex I: From Structure to Disease

Chair: Peter Rich     University College London
Peter Rich
Structure, coupling mechanism and possible control points of cytochrome c oxidase
Leonid Sazanov
Coupling mechanism of complex I
Judy Hirst
Cryo-EM structures of complex I from mouse heart mitochondria in biochemically-defined states
Henry Higgs
Stimulus-induced interactions between actin and mitochondria- Effects on ER calcium exchange and mitochondrial dynamics

Session 4: Mitochondrial DNA: Structure, Function and Inheritance

Chair: Anne Chomyn     California Institute of Technology
Anne Chomyn
Mitochondrial gene identification
Patrick Chinnery
Treatments for mitochondrial disease- Past, present and future
Laurie S. Kaguni
POLG, the mitochondrial replicase- From structural enzymology to clinical applications
James B. Stewart
Keeping mitochondrial DNA in shape between generations
Marcia Haigis
Mitochondrial reprogramming in cancer

Session 6: Mitochondrial Expression System and Proteome

Chair: Maria Falkenberg     University of Gothenburg
Nils-Göran Larsson
The mitochondrial nucleoid and mtDNA gene expression
Claes Gustafsson
Mitochondrial DNA separation in human cells
Vasmi K. Mootha
Genomics approaches to mitochondrial biology and disease
Emine C. Koc
Mitochondrial ribosomal proteins and their involvement in complex metabolic disorders
Eric A. Shoubridge
Interrogating the mitochondrial interactome using BiolD

Session 7: Mitochondrial Protein Import Systems and Metabolic Transporters

Chair: Ferdinando Palmieri     University of Bari Aldo Moro
Nikolaus Pfanner
Mitochondrial machineries for import and assembly of proteins
Edmund R. Kunji
The molecular mechanism of transport by the mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier
Jared Rutter
Pyruvate metabolism and cell fate decisions

Session 8: Mitochondrial Diseases, Past and Present

Chair: Marni Falk     Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Eric A. Schon
The role of ER-mitochondrial contacts in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease
Carla Koehler
Small molecule modulators for mitochondrial biogenesis
Massimo Zeviani
Perturbed mitochondrial homeostasis in the pathogenesis of mitochondrial disorders
Agnès Rötig
Impaired transferrin receptor palmitoylation and recycling in neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation

Session 9: Mitochondrial Regulation of Metabolism

Chair: Valerio Carelli     University of Bologna School of Medicine
Valerio Carelli
Optic nerve atrophy- The tip of the mito-neurodegeneration iceberg
Orian Shirihai
Mitochondrial dynamics in the regulation of fuel preference and energy expenditure
Aleksandra Trifunovic
Keeping complex I in shape
Charles Brenner
The NAD metabolome in life and resistance to metabolic stress- It’s not magic, but homeostasis
György Hajnóczky
Ca2+-dependent control of the mitochondrial CA2+ uniporter by MICU1 and neuromuscular disease
Bruce M. Spiegelman
Regulation of mitochondrial bioenergetics and energy expenditure- Futile creatine cycle
Anu Suomalainen
The integrated mitochondrial stress response in mammalian mitochondrial disease
Navdeep S Chandel
Mitochondria as signaling organelles

Session 10: Mitochondria, Calcium Signaling and Cell Death

Chair: John Walker     University of Cambridge
Rosario Rizzuto
Molecular control of mitochondrial calcium uptake
Paolo Bernardi
Between energy conservation and energy dissipation- The dual life of F-ATP synthase
Luca Scorrano
The mitochondrial fusion protein Opa1 promotes adipose tissue browning via the chromatin remodeling protein Kdm3

Session 11: Mitochondrial Dynamics and Quality Control

Chair: Douglas Wallace     Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
David Chan
Mitochondrial fusion is essential for meiosis during spermatogenesis
Richard Youle
Synthetic phenotypes in mice lacking PINK1 and Parkin-mediated mitophagy
Toren Finkel
Measuring mitophagy and manipulating metabolism

Session 12: Novel Approaches to Mitochondrial Therapy

Chair: Anu Suomalainen     University of Helsinki
Jose Antonio Enriquez
nDNA/mtDNA intertalk
Carlos T. Moraes
Consequences and therapeutic uses of mtDNA double-strand breaks in mammalian cells
Mary Herbert
Preventing germline transmission of pathogenic mitochondrial DNA mutations
Howard Jacobs
Alternative respiratory enzymes and their potential in therapy

Wrap-Up: Preserving the History of Mitochondrial Research

Ludmila Pollock
CSHL Archives: Preserving the History of Modern Biology
Anu Suomalainen
Wrap-Up Discussion
John Walker
Wrap-Up Discussion
Douglas Wallace
Wrap-Up Discussion