Organizers: Mila Pollock, Phil Sharp & Joan Steitz

Bruce Stillman
Welcome and Introduction
Mila Pollock
Welcome and Introduction

Session 1: History and Overview

Co-chair: Robert Darnell     The Rockefeller University
Co-chair: Iain Mattaj     EMBL, Heidelberg Germany
Phillip A. Sharp
The journey to RNA splicing
Richard J. Roberts
The discovery of RNA splicing
Richard Gelinas
Splicing foretold—Abundant adenovirus 2 mRNAs were composed of sequences derived from more than one position on the genome
Louise T. Chow
The EM discovery of split genes and RNA splicing in adenovirus transcripts
Joan A. Steitz
RNA-RNA interactions in the spliceosome
Nathaniel Comfort
RNA worlds—Splicing, catalysis, and the origin of life
Michael Rosbash
Yeast Ribosomal Protein & Circadian Cycling of Splicing
Nikolaus Rajewsky
Splicing back
Rick Padgett
Spliceosomal factor mutations in human diseases

Session 2: Biology of Spliceosome

Co-chair: Timothy Nilsen     Case Western Reserve University
Co-chair: Manuel Ares     University of California, Santa Cruz
Jean D. Beggs
From gene cloning to splicing, transcription and chromatin
Magda Konarska
Spliceosome complexes—From early manifestations to future challenges
Reinhard Lührmann
An intriguing journey from the initial biochemical characterization of snurps to cryo-EM snapshots of the spliceosome
Xiang-Dong Fu
Splicing factors and regulators in biology—More than we could have imagined
Nouria Hernandez
The early days of splicing in vitro
Michael R. Green
Identification of alternative splicing factors through large-scale RNA interference screens

Session 3: Introns, Exons and Alternative Splicing

Co-chair: Walter Gilbert     Harvard University
Melissa J. Moore
Spliceosome profiling allows for transcriptome-wide analysis of the functional intronome
Christopher B. Burge
RNA binding preferences of 78 proteins—Low diversity in primary motifs, but wide diversity of context effects
Brenton R. Graveley
The incredible world of pre-mRNA splicing
Douglas L. Black
Pre-mRNA binding proteins as positive and negative regulators of splicing pattern
Karla M. Neugebauer
Perfect timing—Splicing and transcription in living cells
Larry Zipursky
Alternative splicing of Dscam1 generates a vast number of isoforms essential for neural circuit assembly
Tom Maniatis
RNA transcription, splicing and stochastic promoter choice in the Protocadherin α gene cluster

Session 4: Spliceosome Complexes

Co-chair: Erik Sontheimer     University of Massachusetts Medical School
Co-chair: Woan-Yuh Tarn     Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Jonathan Staley
Proofreading and catalyzing pre-mRNA splicing
Alberto R. Kornblihtt
Transcriptional control of alternative splicing along time—Ideas change, experiments remain
Siddhartha Mukherjee
Splicing Factor Mutations in MDS
Soo-Chen Cheng
Studies of protein components and protein complexes of the yeast spliceosome
Yigong Shi
Mechanistic insights into pre-mRNA splicing by the spliceosome
Kiyoshi Nagai
CryoEM snapshots of the spliceosome provide insights into the mechanism of pre-mRNA splicing

Session 5: Poster Session

Session 6: Diseases of mRNA Splicing

Chair: Stu Orkin     Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Kristen W. Lynch
Regulation of alternative splicing in T cell activation and viral infection
David L. Spector
Nuclear speckles, non-coding RNAs, and cancer—Full circle
James L. Manley
Concentration-dependent splicing regulation—A critical mechanism in normal and disease cells

Panel: Historical and Prospective Glimpses into mRNA Splicing

Co-chair: Phillip A. Sharp     Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Co-chair: Joan A. Steitz     Yale University/HHMI
Gil Ast
Panel Discussion
Thomas Cech
Panel Discussion
Benoit Chabot
Panel Discussion
Angela Kramer
Panel Discussion
Stephen Mount
Panel Discussion
Juan Valcarcel
Panel Discussion
Mila Pollock
Panel Discussion

Session 7: Therapeutic Approaches to mRNA Splicing Diseases

Co-chair: Ryszard Kole     Sarepta Therapeutics
Co-chair: Charles Query     Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Adrian R. Krainer
The path from basic studies of pre-mRNA splicing to the first treatment for a neurological disease
Gideon Dreyfuss
RNA-binding proteins and RNPs in splicing and mRNA regulation
Robert Darnell
Neuron-Specific Systems Regulating RNA-protein Interactions in the Brain
Mariano A. Garcia-Blanco
Human epistatic interaction controls IL7R splicing and increases multiple sclerosis risk
Ben Blencowe
Systematic exploration of the regulatory and functional landscapes of alternative splicing