About Special Collections


CSHL Archives is dedicated to documenting the history of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and its predecessor institutions. These institutions include the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (1890-1924), Carnegie Institution of Washington (including the Eugenics Record Office and the Department of Genetics) (1904-1971), and the Long Island Biological Association (1924-1962). In 1962, the various scientific institutions at Cold Spring Harbor merged to form the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory of Quantitative Biology. Today CSHL is a world renowned research center dedicated to the study of cancer, neuroscience, quantitative biology, plant biology, and genomics. Our special collections include the administrative files for CSHL and its predecessor institutions, photographs of the annual CSH Symposium of Quantitative Biology, and documentation of the many meetings, courses, and special events held at CSHL. It also includes our extensive Oral History Collection, Reprint Collection, Maps and Blueprints Collection, and our collection of Rare Books.

Availability of Material

For specific information on the availability of materials or to arrange an appointment to use the Archives, please contact (516)367-8414 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please consult our Permissions & Copyright Policies for any materials you wish to use.