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CSHL Library teaches workshops on a variety of subjects, and provides hands on one-on-one and group training sessions, as well as on-demand services.  The Library also maintains several LibGuides, which include information on a variety of topics and links to sources of online help & training provided by NLM, Web of Science, Scopus, and others.


Workshops are taught on the first Monday of every month from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.  Coffee, Tea, and Cookies will be served.  Use the form at the bottom of the page to request a specific workshop, or email directly.


Meet Our Staff

Tom   Image of Matt Dunn   Adrian
Systems Engineer Tom Adams is...   Research Informationist Matt Dunn is a developmental biologist who got his PhD from Cornell University's Weill Graduate Medical School in Manhattan studying gene regulation and notochord development in the sea squirt Ciona intestinalis. He conducted his postdoctoral research at Stony Brook University, studying the contribution of stem cells to tissue regeneration in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis and the evolution of the bilaterial gut. He has also studied limb development and hedgehog patterning in mice and chicks.   Data Informationist Adrian Gomez is a neuroscientist who received his PhD examining the neurobiological mechanisms of nicotine addiction. He then conducted postdoctoral research at Washington University (in St. Louis) School of Medicine where he focused on investigating the neural circuitry underlying reward-seeking behaviors; as well as developing and optimizing in vivo wireless neural devices to dissect the neural circuitry related to affective behavior.


Workshops Taught

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  • Scientific Databases and Reference Management Software: Advanced Techniques
    (Geared towards early Graduate Students)
    The informationists at the Library can help you get the most out of digital scientific support software.  Whether it is teaching you the advanced search tricks or generating alerts in Scientific databases such as PubMed and Scopus, or reference management and specialty bibliography generation with software such as Endnote, Mendeley, Papers, Zotero, etc., the Library can help.  Also, EndNote and Papers are robustly locally installed at CSHL, and may be purchased at a discount.
  • Data Management Plans
    • Writing Data Management Plans
      With the ever-increasing grant-funding mandates for writing data management plans and data sharing policies, we (science informationists) at the Library aim to demonstrate how to write a data management plan, and the importance of constructing a well-thought out plan.
    • Best Data Management Practices
      Ever been asked by your PI to find a data file and it takes you longer than 5 minutes to find it? This introductory session will give you tips and tricks on the best practices for data organization (file naming, versioning, storage, etc.) so you won’t be left frantically searching for something.
    • Presenting and Distributing Active Data
      Want to meet publisher and grant-funded mandates for depositing data? Want to get more recognition by getting your data cited?  Join us as we discuss how to get the most out of data repositories.
  • Improving Visibility As A Researcher
    (Geared towards Post-docs and Graduate Students)
    A good publication record is extremely important for your advancement as a researcher, however in today's world it is not the only record you may need to cultivate.  Your social media presence can have an immense impact on your ability to network with colleagues, find junior faculty positions, and even get tenure.  The informationists on the Library's staff can help you explore strategies to carefully curate your social media presence, and build the kind of visibility that can enrich your scientific career. And learn about how our Institutional Repository can be an integral part of your presence.
  • Communicating Science
    (Geared towards early Graduate Students)
    Looking to spice up your presentations with some historical heft? The informationists and archivists on the Library staff can work with you to identify original materials in our vast archives to help add flavor and gravitas to your talks.  From original photographs and historical data to handwritten correspondence between scientific luminaries, we can bring the help weight of history to your presentations.

One-on-One or Group Training

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  • Simplifying Article Retrieval with the Web Tool Kopernio (LibGuide)
    Kopernio is a browser extension that makes finding PDFs of articles faster and easier.  Although it is relatively new, it is already widely used and rapidly growing in popularity due to its simplicity and helpfulness.  We can teach you how to install and use it.
  • NIH Public Access Compliance (LibGuide)
    Informationist Matt Dunn is available to teach you how comply with NIH's Public Access Policies.  Learn when and why you should deposit your manuscripts into PubMed Central, and how to use the NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS).
  • How to Use DMPTools (LibGuide)
    Informationist Adrian Gomez, PhD is available to explain how to simplify writing a data management plan by utilizing CSHL’s customized DMPTools interface.

On-Demand Services

  • Editing for non-native English Speakers
    Informationist Matt Dunn at the Library is professionally published author and editor with extensive writing experience.  He is on hand to help non-native English speakers edit their manuscripts, grants, and professional correspondence into fluent English.  Contact Matt at extension x8825 or at for more information or to schedule service.

  • Consultation Services for Aspects of Research Data Management
    Informationist Adrian Gomez is available for all of your Research Data Management needs. Contact Adrian at extension x6987 or at for more information or to schedule service.


If you would like to request a specific training topic or have any questions about the training services the Library provides, please contact the Library at 516-367-6872, email, or use the form below to schedule a session.


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