Robert Weinberg on What is Discovery?
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Recorded: 03 Jun 2016
Discovery in my mind, is on occasion, stumbling across previously unanticipated behaviors on the part of living organisms or cells, or organisms of various sizes or it’s also creating a hypothesis. I think things work this way and that way - is it really true? And if one can validate that idea, that is in a sense a discovery because prior to that validation it’s only a speculation and there are millions and billions of speculations floating around in the universe. Only a few of which are actually correct, so to be able to validate a hypothesis is to my mind, also an equally satisfying kind of discovery.

Robert "Bob" Weinberg is Daniel K. Ludwig Professor for Cancer Research and director of the Ludwig Cancer Center at MIT, an American Cancer Society Research Professor, and is a founding member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research.

In 1982 he was one of the scientists to discover the first human oncogene, Ras, which causes normal cells to form tumors, and his lab also isolated the first known tumor suppressor gene, Rb.

He co-authored with Douglas Hanahan the landmark "Hallmarks of Cancer" paper in 2000, which laid out the six requirements for a healthy cell to become cancerous.