Kim Nasmyth on Scientific Career
  Kim Nasmyth     Biography    
Recorded: 20 May 2004

I did at one stage work for slightly over a year here at Cold Spring Harbor. I think it was 1980, 81. I currently work, after the last 15 years or so, I’ve been working in Vienna. I’m about to go back to England to the University of Oxford in a couple of years’ time. I’ve worked in Scotland, in Edinburgh. I’ve worked in Seattle, worked here in Cold Spring Harbor, I worked in Cambridge at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and as I say I am currently in Vienna and about to move to Oxford.

Kim Nasmyth is the Head of the Biochemistry Department of the University of Oxford and the Whitley Professor of Biochemistry. He was educated in Great Britain and earned his Ph.D in Zoology from the University of Edinburgh. He did his postdoctoral studies in Ben Hall's labolatory in Seattle Washington. He spent one year at Cold spring Harbor Laboratories as a Robertson Fellow. He was the Director of the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in Vienna (Austria). He is one of the discoverer of cohesin, protein complex which during cell division is crucial for faithful chromosome segregation.

Professor Nasmyth is a fellow of the Royal Society and Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has received many scientific honours, including the Max Perutz Prize, the Louis Jeantet Prize for Medicine and the Wittgenstein Prize and the Unilever Science Prize.

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