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Recorded: 08 May 2008

So I joined the Wellcome Trust from the University of Leicester where I was on the academic staff in the department of biochemistry. So this was about 1982. I joined as what was then called assistant director. The organization then was very small. It wasn’t in any way comparable to the organization it eventually became. And so I grew, if you like, with the organization such that when I finished when I retired I was the director for - what was it called – programs and ventures; which was basically those funding programs that operated outside of the universities and more outside of the usual university system and Chief Executive of the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus which, of course, houses the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute named for Fred Sanger.

And so I was there until I retired in 2002. I continued working for the Trust for a few years as a consultant primarily responsible for the Trust’s relationship with building the new synchrotron in the United Kingdom, Diamond and the structural genomics consortium, which is an international consortium determining the 3-dimensional proteins - three dimensional structures of human proteins of medical importance. And there are three sites there at the University of Toronto, the University of Oxford, the Karolinska Institute and I chaired the board and we ran it through a company, a charitable company. And then I think around about 2006, January 2006 or March 2006, I became Chief Scientific Officer for Genome Canada which is a private foundation in Canada that supports high throughput large scale genomics research and proteomics research in the university system funded through an award from the federal government. I was doing that commuting from London for twelve months and I took up residence, well, I have an apartment in Montreal. I also go back and forth, of course, to the U.K. where I still maintain my main residence.

Michael Morgan, currently professor emeritus of biology, specialized in plant ecology and bioclimatology. He earned his BA from Butler University, MS and Ph.D form University of Illinois. He received the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Founders's Association Award for Excellence in Teaching and Sabbatical during the 1991-92 academic year with the Conservation Research Group, School of Forestry, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Michael Morgan is a member of American Association for the Advancement of Science, Ecological Society of America, American Institute of Biological Sciences, Society for Conservation Biology and Natural Areas Association.

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