Bruce Alberts on Jim & Liz Watson
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Recorded: 22 Aug 2008

Jim and Liz, I mean…Liz is much younger than Jim. And she’s very devoted to Jim. She, she…I don’t think Jim could ever do anything wrong according to Liz. Everybody needs a wife like this. I don’t know many people get them! Most of us we could always do lots of wrong things. And so I think Liz has been a wonderful wife to Jim. They’ve had this tragedy with their son who has some kind of schizophrenia like disease, Rufus. They’ve really suffered with that a great deal. And Jim…both of them. I was, I was there when they discovered, I mean a time when they discovered all of this. And it was really very hard on them. I think, I think, you know, Jim couldn’t have had a better wife. I don’t know anybody who would have been able to do what she’s done. Because, you know, Jim can’t be that easy to live with! But of course as far as she’s concerned, as far as I could tell, there’s no fault that Jim anywhere, anytime. So at any rate, so I think they have a wonderful relationship. I last saw them at, they had an 80th birthday party for Jim in California that I went to and I saw them there together.

Bruce Alberts, currently Editor-in-chief of Science, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysic at the University of California and United States Science Envoy. He received A.B. (1960) in Biochemical Science from Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts and Ph.D. (1965) from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1966 he joined Department of Chemistry at the Princeton University and after 10 years he became professor and vice chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysic at the UCSF.

Alberts work is best known for his work on the protein complexes that allow chromosomes to be replicated. He is one of the authors of The Molecular Biology of the Cell, a major textbook in the field. He served two-six years terms as a president of National Academy of Science (1993-2005). During his administration at NAS, he was involved in developing the landmark of National Science Education standards.

Among many honors and awards (16 honorary degrees), he is Co-chair of the InterAcademy Council and a trustee of Gordon and Betty Moore Fundation.

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