Center for Humanities & History of Modern Biology

The interdisciplinary mission of the Center for Humanities and History of Modern Biology at CSHL is to promote an understanding of how modern biology has impacted history and the cultural ramifications of that discipline over time. The Center is envisioned as a destination for historians, scholars, researchers, and artists of all stripes to use the original historical materials in our archives for their projects, bringing the rich history contained in our archives to light through academic publications and public works of art. The Center for Humanities and History of Modern Biology features seminars, workshops, lectures, and more pertaining to the impact of modern biology on culture, philosophy, and society from a wide variety of fellows and visiting artists and scholars, as informed by our extensive collections. The Center also provides the Sydney Brenner Research Scholarship and Research Travel Grants to support research utilizing our archives, as well as the Ellen Brenner Memorial Fellowship, which is open to perspective archivists or science librarians.

The goal of the center as a whole is not only to attract more scholars, educators, and historians to our collections but also to promote and distribute the vast array of archival materials that are hidden in our collections related to the development of modern biology.