Archival Research Fees

 Archival Research Fees

Service Fees

  • Special reference/research requests will be carried out by staff at an hourly fee of $40.00
  • In-house film shoot, fee per request $100.00

Digitization Service Fees

  • Scanning, cost per digital image created $10.00
  • Duplicate scan (creation of specific file type such as, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) $5.00
  • Duplication of existing CD/DVD $5.00
  • Conversion of VHS tape to DVD $50.00
  • Conversion of CD/DVD to Digital File (mp3, mov, etc.) $50.00
  • Outsourced digitization and duplication orders (in addition to vendor charges) $30.00
  • Use of personal camera in the reading room is free

Usage Fees