Human Genome Project Japan

The international Human Genome Sequencing consortium includes scientists at 16 institutions in France, Germany, Japan, China, Great Britain and the United States. Participants in the international consortium adhered to the project's quality standards and to the daily data release policy. The project is funded by grants from government agencies and public charities in the various countries.

In 1981, Akiyoshi Wada led a national project in Japan to develop the world's first automated DNA sequencing device. Dr. Wada was the first person in the world to propose automated high-speed technology for deciphering DNA sequence. By 1988, the Japanese human genome project began as a response to the progress in the corresponding activities in the United States and Europe. The International Human Genome Project began under the cooperation of Japanese, European, and American researchers working on The International Human Genome Project. At a meeting in 1996 in Bermuda, a decision was taken to split the task of sequencing the human genome between several countries. Japan was allocated human chromosome 21, and the Japanese team, consisting of Yoshiyuki Sakaki, Nobuyoshi Shimizu, and their colleagues, successfully sequenced the entire chromosome in 2000 with the collaboration of the German team.

In Japan, the aim of the human genome project was redirected not only to sequence the genome but also to include functional analysis of genes and elucidation of tertiary protein structures. A successful approach in the Japanese human genome project is in placing emphasis on the promotion of functional genomics, comparative genomics, analysis of genomic diversity, and the development of DNA chips or microarrays.

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