Carnegie Institution of Washington Inventory

Detailed inventory of the Carnegie Institute of Washington Administrative Records at Cold Spring Harbor, NY is located in the attached PDF.

CIW Monograph Series


Number/Author/ Title

6 Coville, Frederick Vernon, & Daniel Trembly MacDougal. Desert Botanical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution.

8 Farlow, William G. Bibliographical Index of North American Fungi. Vol. I, Part I. Abrothallus to Badhamia.

11 Newcomb, Simon. A Statistical Inquiry into the Probability of Causes of the Production of Sex in Human Offspring

12 Noguchi, Hideyo. The Action of Snake Venom upon Cold-Blooded Animals

16 Jennings, Herbert S. Contributions to the Study of the Behavior of Lower Organisms.

18 Morse, Albert Pitts. Researches on North American Acridiidae.

19 Enteman, Wilheine M. Coloration in Polistes.

20 Duerden, J.E. The Coral Siderastrea radians and Its Postlarval Development.

23 Castle, W.E. Heredity of Coat Characters in Guinea-Pigs and Rabbits.

24 MacDougal, D.T., assisted by A.M. Vail, G.H. Shull, & J.K. Small. Mutants and Hybrids of the Oenotheras.

25 Gulick, John T. Evolution, Racial and Habitudinal.

27 Smith, Erwin F. Bacteria in Relation to Plant Diseases. Vol. I. Methods of Work and General Literature of Bacteriology Exclusive of Plant Diseases Vol. II. History, General Considerations, Vascular Diseases. Do not have Vol. III

29 Baird, John Wallace. The Color Sensitivity of the Peripheral Retina.

30 Shull, George Harrison. Stages in the Development of Sium cicutaefolium.

32 Dean, Bashford. Chimaeroid Fishes and Their Development.

35 Coblentz, William W. Investigations of Infra-Red Spectra. Part I.and Part II.

36 Stevens, N.M. Studies in Spermatogenesis. Part I. and Part II.

37 Harper, R.A. Sexual Reproduction and the Organization of the Nucleus in Certain Mildews. (2 copies)

39 Handbook of Learned Societies and Institutions: America.

42 Atwater, W.O. & F.G. Benedict. A Respiration Calorimeter, with Appliances for the Direct Determination of Oxygen

47 Mayer, Alfred G. Rhythmical Pulsation in Scyphomedusae.

48 Tower, William Lawrence. An Investigation of Evolution in Chrysomelid Beetles of the Genue Leptinotarsa.

49 Papers of the Station for Experimental Evolution, Nos. 5,6.

50 Livingston, Burton Edward. The Relation of Desert Plants to Soil Moisture and to Evaporation. (2 copies)

51 Stevens, N.M. Studies on the Germ Cells of Aphids.

52 Davenport, C.B. Inheritance in Poultry.

58 Pearl, Raymond, with the assistance of Olive M. Pepper and Florence J. Hagle. Variation and Differentiation in Ceratophyllum. (2 copies)

64 Pearl, Raymond, and A.B. Clawson. Variation and Correlation in the Crayfish, with Special Reference to the Influence of Differentiation and Homology of Parts.

67 Banta, Arthur M. The Fauna of Mayfield's Cave.

68 Morse, Albert Pitts. Further Researches on North American Acridiidae.

70 MacCurdy, Hansford and W.E. Castle. Selection and Cross-Breeding in Relation to the Inheritance of Coat-Pigments and Coat-Patterns in Rats and Guinea-Pigs.

77 Benedict, Francis Gano. The Influence of Inanition on Metabolism.

81 MacDougal, D.T., A.M. Vail, and G.H. Shull. Mutations, Variations, and Relationships of the Oenotheras.

82 Lloyd, Francis Ernest. The Physiology of Stomata.

84 Osborne, Thomas B. The Proteins of the Wheat Kernel.

94 Conrad, Henry Shoemaker. The Structure and Life-History of the Hay-Scented Fern

95 Davenport, Charles B. Inheritance in Canaries.

98 Studies at the Desert Laboratory.

99 MacDougal, Daniel Trembly. Botanical Features of North American Deserts. (2 copies)

101 Lutz, Frank E. The Variation and Correlations of Certain Taxonomic Characters of Gryllus.

102 Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. I.

103 Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. II.

104 Eigenmann, Carl H. Cave Vertebrates of America: A Study in Degenerative Evolution.

109 Mayer, Alfred Goldsborough. The Medusae of the World. Vol. I., II., and III.

112 Shull, George Harrison. Bursa bursa-pastoris and Bursa heegeri: Biotypes and Hybrids.

113 Spaulding, Volney M. Distribution and Movements of Desert Plants.

114 Castle, W.E., with H.E. Walter, R.C. Mullenix, and S. Cobb. Studies of Inheritance in Rabbits.

116 Reichert, Edward Tyson, and Amos Peaslee Brown. The Differentiation and Specificity of Corresponding Proteins and Other Vital Substances in Relation to Biological Classification and Organic Evolution: The Crystallography of Hemoglobins. (2 copies)

117 Cannon, William Austin. Studies in Heredity As Illustrated by the Trichomes of Species and Hybrids of Juglans, Oenothera, Papaver, and Solanum.

121 Davenport, Charles B. The Symmetric Function Tables of the Fifteenthic. Including an Historical Summary of Symmetric Functions As Relating to Symmetric Function Tables.

122 Johnson, Roswell H. Determinate Evolution in the Color-Pattern of the Lady-Beetles.

123 Benedict, Francis G., & Thorne M. Carpenter. Respiration Calorimeters for Studying the Respiratory Exchange and Energy Transformations of Man.

126 Benedict, Francis G., and Thorne M. Carpenter. The Metabolism and Energy Transformations of Healthy Man during Rest.

129 MacDougal, D.T., & W.A. Cannon. The Conditions of Parasitism in Plants. (2 copies)

131 Cannon, William Austin. The Root Habits of Desert Plants.

132 Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. III.

133 Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. IV.

134 Churchill, William. The Polynesian Wanderings: Tracks of the Migration Deduced from an Examination of the Proto-Samoan Content of Efate and Other Languages of Melanesia.

136 Benedict, Francis G., & Elliott P. Joslin. Metabolism in Diabetes Mellitus.

139 Lloyd, Francis Ernst. Guayule (Parthenium argentatum Gray): A Rubber-Plant of the Chihuahuan Desert.

140 Campbell, Douglas Houghton. The Eusporangiatae: The Comparative Morphology of the Ophioglossaceae and Marattiaceae.

142 Long, J.A., & E.L. Mark. The Maturation of the Egg of the Mouse.

143 Lutz, Frank E. Experiments with Drosophila ampelophila Concerning Evolution.

144 Castle, W.E., & John C. Phillips. On Germinal Transplantation in Vertebrates.

156 Osborne, Thomas B., & Lafayette B. Mendel, with co-operation of Edna L. Ferry. Feeding Experiments with Isolated Food-Substances. Part I. & Part II.

159 Howard, Leland O., Harrison G. Dyar, & Frederick Knab. The Mosquitoes of North and Central America and the West Indies. Vol. 1,2,3, & 4.

162 Mayer, Alfred Goldsborough. Ctenophores of the Atlantic Coast of North America.

164 Coblentz, William W. A Physical Study of the Firefly.

166 Benedict, Francis G. The Composition of the Atmosphere, with Special Reference to Its Oxygen Content.

174 Churchill, William. Easter Island: The Rapanui Speech and the Peopling of Southeast Polynesia.

175 Researches of the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism. Vol. XX. Cosmic Ray Results, 1957. Lang, Isabel, & S.E. Forbush Vol. XXI. Cosmic Ray Result, 1961. Beach, L., & S.E. Forbush.

176 Benedict, Francis G., & Elliott P. Joslin. A Study of Metabolism in Severe Diabetes.

177 Loeb, Leo, and collaborators. The Venom of Heloderma.

178 Cannon, William Austin. Botanical Features of the Algerian Sahara.

179 Papers of the Station for Experimental Evolution, Nos. 18,19.]

182 Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. V.

183 Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. VI.

184 Finley, John Park, & William Churchill. The Subanu: Studies of a Sub-Visayan Mountain Folk of Mindanao.

187 Benedict, Francis G., & Edward P. Cathcart. Muscular Work: A Metabolic Study with Special Reference to the Efficiency of the Human Body as a Machine.

188 Davenport, Charles B. Heredity of Skin Color in Negro-White Crosses.

192 Huntington, Ellsworth, and contributions. The Climatic Factor, As Illustrated in Arid America.

193 MacDougal, D.T., & collaborators. The Salton Sea: A Study of the Geography, the Geology, the Floristics, and the Ecology of a Desert Basin.

194 Shreve, Edith Bellamy. The Daily March of Transpiration in a Desert Perennial.

195 Castle, W.E., & John C. Phillips. Piebald Rats and Selection: An Experimental Test of the Effectiveness of Selection and of the Theory of Gametic Purity in Mendelian Crosses.

196 MacDowell, E.C. Size Inheritance in Rabbits. (2 copies)

197 Wright, Albert Hazen. North American Anura: Life-Histories of the Anura of Ithaca, New York.

198 Morse, H.N. The Osmotic Pressure of Aqueous Solutions: Report on Investigations Made in the Chemical Laboratory of the Johns Hopkins University during the Years 1899-1913.

199 Shreve, Forrest. A Montane Rain-Forest: A Contribution to the Physiological Plant Geography of Jamaica. (2 copies)

200 Rivers, W. H.R., Albert Ernest Jenks, & Sylvanus G. Morley. Reports upon the Present Condition and Future Needs of the Science of Anthropology.

201 Benedict, Francis G., & Fritz B. Talbot. The Gaseous Metabolism of Infants, with Special Reference to Its Relation to Pulse-Rate and Muscular Activity.

203 Benedict, Francis Gano. A Study of Prolonged Fasting.

204 [Studies at the Desert Laboratory.]

205 Detlefsen, J.A. Genetic Studies on a Cavy Species Cross.

206 Johnson, Duncan S., & Harlan H. York. The Relation of Plants to Tide-Levels: A Study of Factors Affecting the Distribution of Marine Plants.

209 Richards, Herbert M. Acidity and Gas Interchange in Cacti.

211 Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. [Formerly Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory.] Vol. VII.

212 Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. VIII.

213 Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. IX.

214 Clark, Hubert Lyman. The Echinoderm Fauna of Torres Strait: Its Composition and Its Origin.

217 Shreve, Forrest. The Vegetation of a Desert Mountain Range As Conditioned by Climatic Factors. (2 copies)

218 Stout, A.B. The Establishment of Varieties in Coleus by the Selection of Somatic Variations.

221 Mall, Franklin P. On the Fate of the Human Embryo in Tubal Pregnancy.

222 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. II.

223 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. III.

224 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. IV.

225 Weed, Lewis H. the Development of the Cerebro-Spinal Spaces in Pig and in Man.

226 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. VI.

227 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. VII.

228 Crampton, Henry Edward. Studies on the Variation, Distribution, and Evolution of the Genus Partula: The Species Inhabiting Tahiti.

228A Crampton, Henry Edward. Studies on the Variation, Distribution, and Evolution of the Genus Partula: The Species of the Mariana Islands, Guam and Saipan.

232 Dodge, Raymond, & Francis G. Benedict. Psychological Effects of Alcohol: An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Moderate Doses of Ethyl Alcohol on a Related Group of Neuro-Muscular Processes in Man.

233 Benedict, Francis G., & Fritz B. Talbot. The Physiology of the New- Born Infant: Character and Amount of the Katabolism.

235 Hale, George Ellery. ten Years' Work of a Mountain Observatory: A Brief Account of the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

236 Davenport, Charles B. The Feebly Inhibited: Nomadism, or the Wandering Impulse, with Special Reference to Heredity: Inheritance of Temperament.

237 Morgan, T.H., & C.B. Bridges. Sex-Linked Inheritance in Drosophila.

240 Estabrook, Arthur H. The Jukes in 1915.

241 Castle, W.E., & Sewall Wright. Studies of Inheritance in Guinea- Pigs and Rats.

243 Goodale, H.D. Gonadectomy in Relation to the Secondary Sexual Characters of Some Domestic Birds.

248 Britton, N.L., & J.N. Rose. The Cactaceae: Descriptions and Illustrations of Plants of the Cactus Family. Vol. I., II., III., & IV.

251 Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol XI.

252 Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. XII.

257 Whitman, Charles Otis, Posthumous Works of. Vol. I-III. Re: Pigeons .

261 Benedict, Francis G., and Thorne M. Carpenter. Food Ingestion and Energy Transformations, with Special Reference to the Stimulating Effect of Nutrients.

263 Tower, William Lawrence. The Mechanism of Evolution in Leptinotarsa.

264 Sturtevant, A.H. An Analysis of the Effects of Selection.

265 Laughlin, Harry Hamilton. Duration of the Several Mitotic Stages in the Dividing Root-Tip Cells of the Common Onion.

266 Miles, Walter R. Effect of Alcohol on Psycho-Physiological Functions.

269 Johnson, Duncan S. The Fruit of Opuntia fulgida: A Study of Perennation and Proliferation in the Fruits of Certain Cactaceae.

270 Reichert, Edward Tyson. A Biochemic Basis for the Study of Problems of Taxonomy, Heredity, Evolution, etc. Part I-II.

271 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. VIII.

272 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. IX. ( A Memorial to Franklin Paine Mall.)

273 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. X.

274 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XI.

275 Mall, Franklin Paine, & Arthur William Meyer. Studies on Abortuses: A Survey of Pathologic Ova in the Carnegie Embryological Collection.

276 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XIII.

277 Contributions to Embryology. Vol XIV.

278 Morgan, T.H., C.B. Bridges, & A.H. Sturtevant. Contributions to the Genetics of Drosophila melanogaster.

279 Harris, J. Arthur, & Francis g. Benedict. A Biometric Study of Basal Metabolism in Man.

280 Benedict, Francis G., Walter R. Miles, Paul Roth, & H. Monmouth Smith. Human Vitality and Efficiency under Prolonged Restricted Diet.

281 Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. XIII.

282 Bartsch, Paul. Experiments in the Breeding of Cerions.

283 Case, E.C. The Environment of Vertebrate Life in the Late Paleozoic in North America; A Paleogeographic Study.

284 Libingston, Burton E., & Forrest Shreve. The Distribution of Vegetation in the United States, As Related to Climatic Conditions. (2 copies)

285 Morgan, T.H. The Genetic and the Operative Evidence Relating to Secondary Sexual Characters.

286 Weaver, John E. The Ecological Relations of Roots.

287 Spoehr, Herman Augustus. The Carbohydrate Economy of Cacti.

288 Castle, W.E. Studies of Heredity in Rabbits, Rats, and Mice.

289 Douglass, A.E. Climatic Cycles and Tree-Growth. Vol. I & II.

290 Clements, Frederic E. Plant Indicators: The Relation of Plant Communities to Process and Practice.

292 Weaver, John E. Root Development in the Grassland Formation: A Correlation of the Root Systems of Native Vegetation and Crop Plants.

293 Treadwell, Aaron Lewis. Leodicidae of the West Indian Region.

294 Mortensen, Th. Studies in the Development of Crinoids.

295 Mohr, Otto L., & Chr. Wriedt. A New Type of Hereditary Brachy- phalangy in Man.

296 Key, Wilheine E. Heredity and Social Fitness: A Study of Differential Mating in a Pennsylvania Family. (2 copies.)

297 MacDougal, D.T. Hydration and Growth.

301 Sturtevant, A.H. The North American Species of Drosophila.

302 Benedict, Francis G., & Fritz B. Talbot. Metabolism and Growth from Birth to Puberty.

303 Carpenter, Thorne M. Tables, Factors, and Formulas for Computing Respiratory Exchange and Biological Transformations of Energy. 303A Carpenter, Thorne M. Tables, Factors, and Formulas for Computing Respiratory Exchange and Biological Transformations of Energy. Second Edition

303B Carpenter, Thorne M. Tables, Factors, and Formulas for Computing Respiratory Exchange and Biological Transformations of Energy. Third Edition

305 Banta, Arthur M. Selection in Cladocera on the Basis of a Physiological Character.

307 MacDougal, D.T. Growth in Trees. 308 Cannon, William Austin. Plant Habits and Habitats in the Arid Portions of South Australia.

309 Smith, Henry Monmouth. Gaseous Exchange and Physiological Re- quirements for Level and Grade Walking.

311 Cushman, Joseph Augustine. Shallow-Water Foraminifera of the Tortugas Region.

312 Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. XVIII.

313 Hall, Harvey M., & Frances L. Long. Rubber-Content of North American Plants.

314 Loftfield, J.V.G. The Behavior of Stomata.

316 Weaver, John E., Frank C. Jean, & John W.Crist. Development and Activities of Roots of Crop Plants: A Study in Crop Ecology.

319 Cooper, William S. The Broad-Sclerophyll Vegetation of California: An Ecological Study of the Chaparral and Its Related Communities.

320 Castle, W.E. Genetic Studies of Rabbits and Rats.

323 Joslin, Elliott P. Diabetic Metabolism with High and Low Diets.

324 Benedict, Francis G., & Ernest G. Ritzman. Undernutrition in Steers: Its Relation to Metabolism, Digestion, and Subsequent Realimentation.

325 Spoehr, H.A., & J.M. McGee. Studies in Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis.

326 Hall, Harvey M., & Frederic E. Clements. The Phylogenetic Method in Taxonomy: The North American Species of Artemisia, Chrysothamnus, and Atriplex.

327 Bridges, D.B., & T.H. Morgan. The Third-Chromosome Group of Mutant Characters of Drosophila melanogaster.

328 Metz, Charles W., Mildred S. Moses, & Eleanor D. Mason. Genetic Studies on Drosophila virilis; with Considerations on the Genetics of Other Species of Drosophila.

329 Davenport, Charles Benedict. Body-Build and Its Inheritance.

332 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XV.

333 Miles, Walter R. Alcohol and Human Efficiency: Experiments with Moderate Quantities and Dilute Solutions of Ethyl Alcohol on Human Subjects.

336 Clements, Frederic E., & Frances L. Long. Experimental Pollination: An Outline of the Ecology of Flowers and Insects. (2 copies)

337 Castle, W.E., Horace W. Feldman, & William Hazen Gates. Con- tributions to a Knowledge of Inheritance in Mammals.

340 A Memorial to Alfred Goldsborough Mayor.

341 Setchell, William Albert. American Samoa.

342 Cushman, Joseph Augustine. Samoan Foraminifera.

343 Hoffmeister, J.Edward. Some Corals from American Samoa and the Fiji Islands.

344 Papers from the Department of Marine Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. XXIII.

345 Shaeffer, Asa Arthur. Taxonomy of the Amebas; with Descriptions of Thirty-Nine New Marine and Freshwater Species.

350 MacDougal, D.T., & Forrest Shreve. Growth in Trees and Massive Organs of Plants. (2 copies)

354 Cannon, William Austin. General and Physiological Features of the Vegetation of the More Arid Portions of Southern Africa with Notes on the Climatic Environment.

355 Clements, Frederic E., & John E. Weaver. Experimental Vegetation: The Relation of Climaxes to Climates. (2 copies)

356 Clements, Frederic E., & Glenn W. Goldsmith. The Phytometer Method in Ecology: The Plant and Community as Instruments. (2 copies)

358 Bidwell, Percy Wells, & John I. Falconer. History of Agriculture in the Northern United States, 1620-1860.

361 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XVI.

362 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XVII.

363 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XVIII.

365 MacDougal, D.T. Reversible Variations in Volume, Pressure, and Movements of Sap in Trees.

368 Cannon, William Austin. Physiological Features of Roots, with Especial Reference to the Relation of Roots to Aeration of the Soil.

369 Carpenter, Thorne M. Human Metabolism with Enemata of Alcohol, Dextrose, and Levulose.

373 MacDougal, D.T. The Hydrostatic System of Trees.

374 Catterall, Helen Tunnicliff. Judicial Cases Concerning American Slavery and the Negro. Vols. I-V.

376 Sarton, George. Introduction to the History of Science. Vol. I-III.

377 Benedict, Francis G., & Ernest G. Ritzman. The Metabolism of the Fasting Steer.

379 Taylor, Wm. Randolph. The Marine Algae of Florida, with Special Reference to the Dry Tortugas.

380 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XIX.

389 Jochelson, Waldemar. Archaeological Investigations in Kamchatka.

391 Papers from the Tortugas Laboratory of Carnegie Institution of Washington. [ Formerly Papers from the Department of Marine Biology.

393 Papers Concerning the Palaeontology of the Cretaceous and Later Tertiary of Oregon, of the Pliocene of Northwestern Nevada, and of the Late Miocene and Pleistocene of California.

394 Contributions to Embryology.

395 Davenport, C.B., & Morris Steggerda. Race Crossings in Jamaica. (2 copies)

397 MacDougal,D.T., J.B. Overton, and Gilbert M. Smith. The Hydrostatic-Pneumatic System of Certain Trees: Movements of Liquids and Gases.

399 Sturtevant, A.H., C.B. Bridges, T.H. Morgan, L.V. Morgan, and Ju Chi Li. Contributions to the Genetics of Drosophila simulans and Drosophila melanogaster.

401 Paullin, Charles O. Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States. (2 copies...1 in reference)

403 Contributions to American Archaeology. Vol. I

406 Morris, Earl H., Jean Charlot, & Ann Axtell Morris. The Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza, Yucatan. Vol. I-II.

407 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXI.

409 Donnan, Elizabeth. Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America. Vol. I, II, III.

410 Crampton, Henry Edward. Studies on the Variation, Distribution and Evolution of the Genus Partula: The Species Inhabiting Moorea.

411 McMurrich, J. Playfair. Leonardo da Vinci the Anatomist.

413 Papers from Tortugas Laboratory of Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. XXVII.

414 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXII.

415 Studies of the Pleistocene Palaeobotony of California.

420 Goldsmith, G.W., & A.L. Hafenrichter. Anthokinetics: The Physiology and Ecology of Floral Movements.

421 Sturtevant, A.H., & T. Dobzhansky. Contributions to the Genetics of Certain Chromosome Anomalies in Drosophila melanogaster.

422 Merriam, John C., & Chester Stock. The Felidae of Rancho La Brea.

424 Thompson, J. Eric, Harry E.D. Pollock, & Jean Charlot. A Preliminary Study of the Ruins of Coba Quintana Roo, Mexico.

425 Benedict, Francis G. The Physiology of Large Reptiles: with Special Reference to the Heat Production of Snakes, Tortoises, Lizards and Alligators.

426 Bingham, Harold C. Gorillas in a Native Habitat. Report of the Joint Expedition of 1929-30 of Yale University and Carnegie Institution of Washington for Psychobiological Study of Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei) in Parc National Albert, Belgian Congo, Africa.

427 Castle, W.E., & Paul B. Sawin. Contributions to the Genetics of the Domestic Rabbit.

428 Davenport, Charles B. The Genetical Factor in Endemic Goiter. (2 copies)

430 Gray, Lewis Cecil. History of Agriculture in the Southern United States to 1860. Vol. I-II.

431 Shattuck, George Cheever, and collaborators. The Peninsula of Yucatan: Medical, Biological, Meteorlogical and Sociological Studies.

432 Jochelson, Waldemar. History, Ethnology and Anthropology of the Aleut.

433 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXIII.

434 Steggerda, Morris. Anthropometry of Adult Maya Indians: A Study of Their Physical and Physiological Characteristics.

435 Papers from Tortugas Laboratory of Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. XXVIII.

436 Contributions to American Archaeology. Vol. II.

440 Papers Concerning the Palaeontology of California, Arizona, and Idaho.

441 MacDougal, D.T., & Earl B. Working. The Pneumatic System of Plants, Especially Trees.

442 Heidel, William Arthur. The Heroic Age of Science: The Conception, Ideals, and Methods of Science among the Ancient Greeks.

443 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXIV.

446 Benedict, Francis G., & Cornelia Golay Benedict. Mental Effort in Relation to Gaseous Exchange, Heart Rate, and Mechanics of Respiration.

447 Marine Mammals.

448 Redfield, Robert, and Alfonso Villa R. Chan Kom - A Maya Village.

450 Haasis, Ferdinand W. Diametral Changes in Tree Trunks.

451 Sinnot, Edmund W., Helen Houghtaling, & Albert F. Blakeslee. The Comparative Anatomy of Extra-Chromosomal Types in Datura stramonium.

452 Papers from Tortugas Laboratory of Carnegie Institution of Washington. Vol. XXIX.

453 Papers Concerning the Palaeontolgy of California, Nevada, and Oregon.

456 Contributions to American Archaeology. Vol. III.

457 Pearse, A.S., Edwin P. Creaser, F.G. Hall, & collaborators. The Cenotes of Yucatan: A Zoological and Hydrographic Survey.

459 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXIV.

461 Botany of the Maya Area: Miscellaneous Papers I-XIII.

462 MacDougal, D.T. Studies in Tree-Growth by the Dendrographic Method.

466 Allen, E.T., & Arthur L. Day. Hot Springs of the Yellowstone National Park.

467 De Laubenfels, M.W. A Discussion of the Sponge Fauna of the Dry Tortugas in Particular and the West Indies in General, with Material for a Revision of the Families and Orders of the Porifera.

471 Pollock, H.E.D. Round Structures of Aboriginal Middle America.

474 Benedict, Francis G. The Physiology of the Elephant.

475 Papers from Tortugas Laboratory of Carnegie Institution of Washington.

478 Lundell, Cyrus Longworth. The Vegetation of Peten.

479 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXVI.

483 Contributions to American Archaeology. Vol. IV.

484 Babcock, Ernest B., & G. Ledyard Stebbins Jr. The Genus Youngia.

485 Dice, Lee R., & Philip M. Blossom. Studies of Mammalian Ecology in Southwestern North America, with Special Attention to the Colors of Desert Mammals.

486 Glock, Waldo S. Principles and Methods of Tree-Ring Analysis.

489 Benedict, Francis G., and Robert C. Lee. Lipogenesis in the Animal Body, with Special Reference to the Physiology of the Goose.

490 Strain, Harold H. Leaf Xanthophylls.

491 Pearse, A.S., with [collaborators]. Fauna of the Caves of Yucatan.

494 Ritzman, Ernest G., & Francis G. Benedict. Nutritional Physiology of the Adult Ruminant.

495 Gregory, William K., Milo Helan, & G. Edward Lewis. Fossil Anthro- poinds of the Yale-Cambridge India Expedition of 1935.

496 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXVII.

500 Merriam, John Campbell. Published Papers and Addresses of. Vol. I-IV.

501 Cooperation in Research. [Papers prepared in honor of John Campbell Merriam].

503 Benedict, Francis G. Vital Energetics: A Study in Comparative Basal Metabolism.

504 Babcock, E.B., & G.L. Stebbins, Jr. The American Species of Crepis: Their Interrelationships and Distribution As Affected by Polyploidy and Apomixis.

509 Contributions to American Anthropology and History. [Formerly Contributions to American Archaeology.] Vol. V.

513 Banta, A.M., and collaborators. Studies on the Physiology, Genetics, and Evolution of Some Cladocera.

518 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXVIII.

525 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXIX.

531 Steggerda, Morris. Maya Indians of Yucatan.

538 Cressman, L.S., and collaborators. Archaeological Researches in the Northern Great Basin.

539 Tennent, David Hilt. The Photodynamic Action of Dyes on the Eggs of the Sea Urchin, Lytechinus variegatus.

541 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXX.

548 Roys, Ralph L. The Indian Background of Colonial Yucatan.

549 Perret, Frank Alvord. Volcanological Observations.

552 Bridges, Calvin B., completed and edited by Katherine S. Brehme. The Mutants of Drosophila melanogaster.

552A Bravier. The Mutants of Drosophila melanogaster. (3 copies)

553 Chaney, Ralph W. Pliocene Floras of California and Oregon.

554 Dobzhansky, Th., & Carl Epling. Contributions to the Genetics, Taxonomy, and Ecology of Drosophila pseudo-obscura and Its Relatives.

557 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXXI.

560 Scholes, France V., & Ralph L. Roys and assistance. The Maya Chontal Indians of Acalan-Tixchel: A Contribution to the History and Ethnography of the Yucatan Peninsula.

563 McKee, Edwin D., & Charles E. Resser. Cambrian History of the Grand Canyon Region.

564 Clausen, Jens, David D. Keck, & William M. Hiesey. Experimental Studies on the Nature of Species. II. Plant Evolution through Amphiploidy and Autoploidy, with Examples from the Madiinae.

565 Graham, Herbert W., & Natalia Bronikovsky. The Genus Ceratium in the Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans.

569 Riddle, Oscar, and associates. Studies on Carbohydrate and Fat Metabolism with Especial Reference to the Pigeon. (2 copies) (2nd copy from W.C. Smith, 2/27/91)

572 Riddle, Oscar. Endocrines and Constitution in Doves and Pigeons. (2 copies)

574 Contributions to American Anthropology and History. Vol. IX.

575 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXXII.

581 Clausen, Jens, David D. Keck, & William M. Hiesey. Experimental Studies on the Nature of Species. III. Environmental Responses of Climatic Races of Achillea.

582 Chamberlain, Robert S. The Conquest and Colonization of Yucatan, 1517-1550.

583 Contributions to Embryology. Vol. XXXIII.

584 Some Tertiary Mammals and Birds from North America.

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588 Smith, A. Ledyard. Uaxactun, Guatemala: Excavations of 1931-1937.

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Note* Also have Drosophila Guide , by Demerec and Kaufmann.

Brief Timeline for Carnegie Institution of Washington


Department of Carnegie Institution of Washington

Director: Dr. Charles B. Davenport

*On Saturday, June 11, 1904, there was a gala ceremony to mark the formal opening of the Carnegie Institution’s Station for Experimental Evolution. It was evident that the Carnegie Institution of Washington was serious about making Cold Spring Harbor the site of serious year-round research.

1921-1962 DEPARTMENT OF GENETICS OF CARNEGIE INSTITUTION OF WASHINGTON (Merger of Station for Experimental Evolution and Eugenics Records Office)

Director: 1921-1934 Dr. Charles B. Davenport 1934-1941 Dr. Albert F. Blakeslee 1941-1960 Dr. Milislav Demerec 1960-1962 Dr. Berwind P. Kaufmann

*In 1962 Caryl Haskins, then president of CIW closed down the Dept. of Genetics and hand over its physical resources to the Bio Lab provided it could become a financially viable organization. If this could be accomplished the CIW would continue to support Barbara McClintock and Alfred Hershey at Cold Spring Harbor.

1962-1971 GENETICS RESEARCH UNIT Carnegie Institution of Washington

Director: 1962-1971 Dr. Alfred D. Hershey


* Text taken from "The First Hundred Years: A History of Man and Science at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory".


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