Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad) - MyNCBI Account Setup


Go to PubMed to register for a My NCBI account


In the upper right hand corner, click on Sign In and create an account.


PubMed-MyNCBI Sign-In New User Panel




Registration Form for MyNCBI

After registering, but prior to closing out, go to My PubMed Preferences:

Click Outside Tool, Click the "c's", scroll to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library and click the oval to the left.

Pubmed Preferences - Outside Tool

This links you to both the library's online holdings and with ILLiad if you need to request material.

To retrieve or order an article when searching in PubMed, please make sure you are first sign in to you’re my NCBI account. Then, either click on the citation or the yellow rectangle next to the citation.

Click on the blue CSH buttonFind It button

If the library subscribes to the journal online, you will be able to click on the link and download the article as a pdf.

If we have it in print, you will see a link to the library catalog and where the material is shelved.

If we don’t subscribe to the particular year or to the journal, click the ILLiad link. Log on with your username and ILLiad secondary password

The request form for the specific article will already be filled in for you.

Hit submit at the bottom of the form and the request will be sent to the CSHL ILL Office (Gail).

If you don’t see the ILLiad link, click on “Advanced”, then click on ILLiad and log on.

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