The "Sambrook Era" begins, 1969

Dr. Joseph Sambrook directed the research at James Laboratory for 16 years beginning in 1969, a time that came to be known as the Sambrook Era. His important and influential work on DNA tumor viruses gained long-term program support for CSHL from the National Cancer Institute. In 1972, as a result of Dr. Sambrook's efforts, CSHL received a $1 million Cancer Center grant created as part of the NIH War on Cancer program. With 2 renewals over the next 10 years, the 1985 CSHL Annual Report describes this support as being "the backbone of our cancer effort here."  Dr. Sambrook was also proudly recognized for his ability to organize an extraordinarily talented group of young scientists who together made the Laboratory a major, internationally recognized site for research on DNA tumor viruses.



Joe Sambrook, 1973