James D. Watson Arrives at CSHL, 1968

James D. Watson arrived at CSHLQB from Harvard in 1968, to take over the directorship from John Cairns. That year he and Elizabeth Lewis were married and moved into Osterhout Cottage, which was rebuilt with funds from Watson. His immediate focus was on securing funding for a major new research objective, tumor viruses. With the help of his new hire, tumor virologist Joseph Sambrook, Watson obtained a five-year grant of $1.6 million from the National Institute of Health's War on Cancer program. Receipt of this federal grant had a major impact on the financial health of the Lab and set the stage for dramatic growth in research staff and facilities. By 1970, under Watson's direction, the Lab reported income that was nearly double that of the year before and the scientific staff had increased by 120%.


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James D. Watson, Director, 1968                           Jim and Liz Watson, 1968