"Phage" Courses begin at Cold Spring Harbor

Max Delbrück and Salvador Luria met at the Biological Laboratory in 1941, when Delbruck presented a paper on his research at the Genes and Chromosomes Symposium. Delbruck stayed on that summer and returned nearly every summer through 1980, many of those years spent working with Luria. Director Demerec encouraged Max Delbrück to initiate the first advanced course on Bacteriophage at the Laboratory in 1945. The “Phage” course, which Delbruck organized and taught for 26 successive years at Cold Spring Harbor, introduced countless researchers to new genetic concepts and tools and played a role in the development of what is now called molecular genetics. Delbruck and Luria went on to share the Nobel Prize with Alfred Hershey in 1969 for their work on the “replication mechanism and genetic structure of viruses.”


Max Delbruck and Salvador Luria, 1941    Phage course participants, 1945