Coursera: Highly Recommended

Coursera offers high-quality, online courses in the sciences and humanities taught by professors at top-ranked universities. Taking the "Algorithms, Part I" course by Robert Sedgewick & Kevin Wayne was nothing short of amazing. This 6-week course included: two video lectures each week (segmented into 4-5 topics each) with interactive quizzes embedded within the videos, exercises, programming assignments, discussion forums, job interview questions, final and even a meetup group if you wanted to get together with your geographically close coursemates. The lecture videos were exceptionally well produced by Cousera, enabling you to see everything in detail including the animations. Specific to this course were the automatic evaluation of the programming assigments which went through a battery of unit test, styling checks, plus memory and time utilization comparisons against a reference implementation. The first programming assignment was to write a java application to estimate the value of the percolation threshold via Monte Carlo simulation.

The catalog of courses includes:

It is free to participate in the Cousera courses, but you will have to make the time commitment to complete the assignments.

The library can help you obtain any supplemental books needed and can provide groups with space to meet and discuss lectures.