The Biological Laboratory, 1890-1924

At the end of the 19th century, the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (BIAS) founded a laboratory for training teachers in marine biology. As biologists and naturalists of that time worked out the consequences of Darwin’s theory of evolution, they often established their laboratories at the seashore, where there was an abundance of animals and plants for study. In 1889, John D. Jones gave land and buildings (formerly part of the Cold Spring Whaling Company) on the southwestern shore of Cold Spring Harbor to the BIAS, who used the Jones gift to establish its presence in Cold Spring Harbor as the Biological Laboratory (Bio Lab) engaged in science research and teacher training. In 1924 the Bio Lab was taken over by a group of interested and wealthy neighbors and was incorporated as the Long Island Biological Association (LIBA). Pictured above is First Bio Lab Biology Class, 1890.



Jones Laboratory, 1893, First Bio Lab laboratory 





Jones Laboratory interior view, 1893