2012.04 Newsletter

Library User Questionnaire

Thanks to all who received our Library user questionnaire and who responded. We received responses from across the spectrum of CSHL’s communities and disciplines.

And the Kindle Winners are;


Jo Leondardo & Robert Aboukhalil


Check out our catalog for library   kindles with pre-installed books.

Thanks also for the thoughtful feedback with possible tweaks to our services, and ideas for possible new services. We received an average overall satisfaction rating of 4.3 / 5 from our 62 respondents.


Outcomes from our survey include;

  • Top five frequently utilized library resources;

o Open-access databases

o Online journals

o EZproxy/vpn

o Proprietary databases

o Online protocols

  • Overall feedback we gathered from responses;

o Provide as much as possible of the most used resources (e.g., online journals).

o Provide/facilitate more ways to capture and share the knowledge generated at the Lab.

o Provide a modest amount of training/assistance, focusing on use of library resources.

o Provide a modest amount of other programming (clubs, events, etc.), with those focusing on the interests of the community (journal clubs, popular science, history of the lab/history of science) being most important.

o Institutional Repository service would be valuable but content, access, and type of services need to be defined.

Publication Alerts

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We are constantly adding to our extensive E-Book offerings. Topics range across the sciences and general subjects. You can access any of our E-Books through our on-line catalog.

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LibGuides are web-based guides that provide information and training on a range of topics and are specially designed for the CSHL research community. LibGuides will help you add resources and apps to your mobile devices, create alerts by subject, identify the quality of your research and much more.

We have recently added 5 new LibGuides;


Career Development Resources for Early-Career Scientists

Managing Grant-Funded Publications: NIHMS System, My NCBI My Bibliography, and eRA Commons

ResearcherID, ORCID, and Other Unique Author Identifiers

Social Media for Scientists/Scholars

Staying Current through RSS


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