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               tisdall         Tisdall, J. (2001). Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics. North Sebastopol CA: O’Reilly Press.

A beginner’s guide that teaches programming skills and applies them to interesting bioinformatics examples. The aim is to apply Perl concepts to write real programs as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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epigeneticsPintér, B. & Mészáros, Z. (2010):   Epigenetics: mechanisms, functions and human effects. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science.

Gathers the latest research on cancer epigenetics and new research on possible epigenetic roles in arthritis, neurodegeneration, behavior, and longevity.

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dawkinsDawkins, R. (2009): The Oxford book of modern science writing. Oxford, NY: Oxford University Press.

Edited by renowned scientist and author Richard Dawkins, this rich anthology contains selected essays from famous scientists and science writers, including Stephen Pinker, Stephen Jay Gould, Martin Gardner, Albert Einstein, Julian Huxley, and many dozens more.

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fett-netoFett-Neto, A. (2010): Plant secondary metabolism engineering: methods and applications. New York, NY: Humana Press.

Provides detailed practical information on some of the most important methods employed in the engineering of plant secondary metabolism pathways. Primary focus is on engineering pathways plants utilize to create biomolecules in response to stress.


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