CSHL Authors’ Publications Database

Journal StackThe Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences established a laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor in 1890. The first paper, published by Davenport here in 1892 was “The germ-layers in Bryozoan Buds”. During the height of the Carnegie Institution of Washington era (~1918) 29 papers were produced by CSHL’s 53 researchers. In 2010 alone 212 papers were published by a community that has grown to 317 Ph.D.s, MD.s, and other researchers. The full history of CSHL author’s publications is available through the CSHL Authors' Publications Database. The database provides abstracts and full text where available. Links to authors’ web pages, videos and other information resources are now being added. For example, enter “Wigler” into the Author Search field and click on Dr. Wigler’s name in any of the citations to access a video of Dr. Wigler describing his research.