E-Books by Subject

Links are provided below to several Subject Areas, as defined by the Publishers listed.  Each link leads to lists of E-books on each subject, as well as the ability to search within the publisher's catalog for additional e-books.


SpringerLink Wiley Elsivier
Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Breast Cancer
Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatic Cancer Pancreatic Cancer
Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer Prostate Cancer
Mammary Gland Development Mammary Gland Development Mammary Gland Development
Cancer Immunology Cancer Immunology Cancer Immunology
Angiogenesis Angiogenesis Angiogenesis
Gene Regulation Gene Regulation Gene Regulation
Translational Research Translational Research Translational Research
Epigenetics Epigenetics Epigenetics
Alternative Splicing Alternative Splicing Alternative Splicing



Springer Link Wiley Elsevier
  Genomics and Proteomics  



SpringerLink Wiley Elsevier
Neurosciences All Neuroscience Neuroscience
Neurobiology Neurochemistry  
Neurology Neurodevelopment  
Neuroradiology Neuroendocrinology  
Neurosurgery Neurogenetics  
Cognitive Psychology Neurophysiology  
Clinical Psychology Neuroscience  
Psychotherapy Neurosystems  



SpringerLink Wiley Elsevier
Plant Sciences  All Plant Science  Plant Science
Plant Pathology  Plant Biochemistry  
Plant Genetics and Genomics  Plant Biotechnology  
Plant Breeding and Biotechnology  Plant Cell Biology  
 Agriculture  Plant Development  
 Plant Physiology  Plant Molecular Biology  
 Plant Biochemistry  Plant Pathology  
 Plant Breeding/Biotechnology  Plant Physiology  



SpringerLink Wiley Elsevier
Computational Biology/Bioinformatics    
Mathematical and Computational Biology    
Plant Genetics and Genomics    
Animal Genetics and Genomics    
Statistics for Life Sciences, Medicine, Health Sciences    
Genetics and Population Dynamics    
Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes    
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity    
Pattern Recognition    



Proquest Ebook Central
In-depth collection from multiple publishers. Read the full text of any book for 5 minutes. Request any book (create an account w/cshl email) and library will have it within 24 hours. Ebook Central LibGuide.
Henry Stewart Talks
Biomedical & Life Sciences Lectures by Leading World Experts covering the fundamentals and the latest research and development.
Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) is a vast and rapidly-expanding online library, providing easy access to thousands of books across the world-renowned scholarly list of Oxford University Press.
Safari Tech Books
The latest computer, web and technical ebooks to choose from.  Contact the Library to immediately swap in books not on active bookshelf.
A comprehensive, open-access collection of original, peer-reviewed chapters covering topics related to the biology of C. elegans. Also includes WormMethods, an up-to-date collection of methods and protocols.
E-books marked by SpringerLink with a yellow lock symbol are not in our collections yet, but may be obtained per your requests. Collection includes Springer Protocols.
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