The Robertson Research Fund, 1974

In 1973, Charles Robertson, the resident of a nearby estate and a philanthropist, approached Jim Watson, with the offer of a gift of almost $8 million to be used as an endowment for research. The Robertson Research Fund continues to be the most important endowment at the Laboratory. Two years later, in 1975, Charles Robertson established the Marie H. Robertson Memorial Fund for Neuroscience research at CSHL in memory of his late wife. When Robertson left Long Island, he donated his estate in Lloyd Harbor to the laboratory with an endowment for its upkeep as a conference center. The Banbury Conference Center was established on the Robertson property and opened on Sunday, June 14, 1977, with a talk by Francis Crick. The first meeting at the conference center was held in 1978.      



Elizabeth Watson, Charles Robertson, James Watson, 1974

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