New Users

The Library has two QuickCheck self checkout stations, one downstairs and one upstairs.  They can be used to borrow, renew, and return items using your CSHL ID card.  New users often receive a "User Not Found" message when they first try to use the stations.  Please see  Paula in room 108 (first room on the left from the Library's front entrance) if you receive this message.  If we are not here at the time, please contact  us (see contact info below) with the following information: day and approximate time of your visit, which station you tried to use, and which books you've borrowed.  We'll be able to check the station log and set you up as a user so that the station will "recognize" you on your next visit (and we'll know that the books aren't missing :-)

Using the Stations

There are screen instructions to guide you while using the self checkout stations.  The stations are touchscreen, relatively easy to use, and can give you a receipt.  After using a station to return books, you may leave them on the booktruck downstairs or bring them to Gail or Paula if you're using the upstairs station.  Please use the bookdrop (inside the front door) only when the Library is not staffed.  The stations are for your convenience.  Please don't hesitate to see Gail or Paula if you'd rather we handle the transaction(s) or if you run into a problem while using them.  The stations can also be used to renew books, or you may contact Gail or Paula (see contact info below) about renewals.  You needn't come to the Library to renew.  If you run into any problems while using the stations, please let us know so we can fix them.  If you have to leave the building without having checked out your books (times when the Library isn't staffed), please let us know which books you have.

SFX / Find It!

Ex Libris' SFX software provides direct links from a database citation to full text (if electronically available).

Search the citation databases as you normally would. If the database is "OpenURL enabled" and correctly determines that you are from CSHL, you will see CSHL's SFX/FindIt! icon:

Clicking on this icon will open a window that displays a menu of your available options. Since SFX/FindIt! linking service is context specific, your  options will vary from citation to citation. Possible options may include:

  • full text of journal articles (if the article is available somewhere in the library's electronic collection) You may see more that one full-text option in the menu because the library may subscribe to more than one full text version of the same journal.
  • Interlibrary Loan request form (if the article is not available).
  • A link to the Library's Online Catalog.
  • DOI (Digital Objects Identifier) Link
  • a Web search using words from the article's title
  • a link to get help via e-mail
  • The option to download the citation into EndNote.

Because SFX will open new windows, applications that block pop-ups must be disabled in order for SFX to work in some databases.

Electronic Journals Holding List

CSHL's Journals Holding List provides a list of journal available electronically. Both paid/commercial and open access journals are listed.

Citation Linker

Sometimes you have a citation to an article from a footnote in a book or other paper material. The SFX Citation Linker allows you to manually enter a citation and Find It!

Why don't I always go straight to the article when I click on "full text"?

The Find It! linking service will get you as close to the full-text as it can, given the structure and quality of the data being passed by the database vendors. Sometimes you'll go straight to the full-text; sometimes you'll have to navigate the publisher's site yourself after that to get to the full-text. Essentially, a full-text link means that full-text is available -- but you may have to do some of the work of getting to it yourself.

Troubleshooting the SFX/FindIt! button not being visible

The "OpenURL enabled" database needs to correctly identify you being affiliated with CSHL, otherwise the button will not appear. Each database is different, but possible methods to determine affilication, include:

IP Address range (try accessing the database from campus or use EZproxy.)

Embedded the affilication within the URL of the database (use the links only on the CSHL library webpage to access the databases)

Sign into the database (During your registration process, you might need to select your affilication. MyNCBI uses this method).

Cookie (Most times a database will save a cookie on your computer, indicating either your login to that database or your CSHL affilication. Subsequent access to that database can be totally transparent. If the cookie is deleted or you are using an alternate computer, you might need to re-login for the database to determine your affilation.)

Which databases feature SFX/FindIt! links?

  • Faculty of 1000
  • ISI
    • ISI Highly Cited
    • Web of Knowledge
  • OCLC
    • ERIC
    • Firstsearch
    • WorldCat
  • OVID
    • Biosis
    • HealthSTAR/Ovid Healthstar
  • PubMed
  • Science Direct

Printing Services

Equipment: Two networked Canon color photocopier/printer/scanners are located in the copy room. You can directly scan to pdf chapters, articles and other print material at the machines and email them to yourself or directly download to a USB drive.

Contact the Library

Main Library and Science Librarians

Main Library Phone: (516)367-6872

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may also chat online with a librarian at: OnlineLibrarian

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service

Interlibrary Loans phone Gail at (516)367-8352

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Bindery Services

We will make arrangements for you to have your thesis, journals or other material bound by our bindery service. Please contact Gail Sherman, ext. 8352 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Meeting Rooms

For special events, the library has several conference rooms including: the Szybalski room - a 20 person  exquisite room and the rare book room which can accommodate a smaller group. Small study rooms can accommodate groups of three.

Availability of Material

For specific information on the availability of materials or to arrange an appointment to use the Archives, please contact (516)367-8414 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please consult our Permissions & Copyright Policies for any materials you wish to use.