One-hundred years ago, in 1904, the Carnegie Institution of Washington founded a Station for Experimental Evolution at Cold Spring Harbor. With this founding, and following the reorganization of the station in 1921 as the Carnegie Institution Department of Genetics, the world of biological research was transformed.

The list of contributions to genetics, medicine, and to
the birth of molecular biology by Carnegie Institution
scientists at Cold Spring Harbor is legion. Moreover,
the legacy of the Carnegie Institution Department of
Genetics extends to the present: In 1963, its facilities
merged with those of its long-time scientific neighbor
(The Biological Laboratory, founded in 1890) in an act
that created what is known today as Cold Spring Harbor

Some of the accomplishments during the past one-hundred years of genetics at Cold Spring Harbor are featured here
(click on "Timeline" below). The cultural and scientific events planned for 2004 to celebrate this century of discovery are also highlighted (click on "Calendar" below), as are links to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Oral History Project and other relevant websites (click on "Links" below).

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