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The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Archives suppports its commitment to education, scholarship, and librarianship by providing fellowship and grant opportunities is three (3) areas:


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The Ellen Brenner Memorial Fellowship is awarded each year to a librarian, archivist, or MLS candidate who wish to further their studies in science librarianship; and members of the scientific community who wish to begin or continue a career as a science librarian or archivist.

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 The Sydney Brenner Research Scholarship is awarded each year to scholars, historians, or writers who wish to use the CSHL Archives for research pertaining to any of the wide variety of topics, both scientific and otherwise, to be found in our Archives.  In addition to the molecular biology revolution, genetics, cancer, plant biology, and neuroscience, our collections also bear on topics such as: women in science, the development of scientific research in 19th & 20th century America, the intersection of biology and physics, and many more! 

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The CSHL Archives also provides Research Travel Grants to defray travel and lodging costs for individuals planning to travel to the Archives for research purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Are Applications Due?

Applications for all three Fellowships are due by December 31st of each year.

When Are Decisions Announced?


What Documents Do I Need To Provide To Apply?


Who Do I Contact With More Questions?

Further questions may be addressed to Tara Bonet-Black, at (516) 367-5020 or (516) 367-6872, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Institutional Archives

The Institutional Archives, which documents the 125-year history of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory through collecting the materials of its researchers as well as records relating to the Lab’s operations. These include administrative records, contracts, trustees’ meeting minutes, plans and blueprints, and reprints. These materials not only document the scientific legacies of the Laboratory and its faculty, but also the professional and social interactions of CSHL researchers.

CSHL Archives Mission

Officially established in 1972, the CSHL Archives houses unique materials relating to breakthrough discoveries and world-recognized research from 1890, as well as, participates in broad scholarly and educational programs.

The mission of the CSHL Archives is to identify, collect, preserve, and provide access to original materials documenting the history of molecular biology and genetics worldwide and the 125- year history of CSHL and its role in modern biology. This documentary evidence is made available worldwide. In doing so, the CSHL Archives strives to advance its role as a premier repository of documents reflecting the development of molecular biology and genetics.

The CSHL Archives:

  • Provides access to our materials to scholars, students, educators, and the public
  • Promotes leading-edge uses of these materials by scholars, authors, filmmakers, visual artists, and other creatives
  • Develops scholarly, educational, and public programs for the worldwide community

The CSHL Archives fulfills its mission by:

  • Identifying, acquiring, and preserving original materials (rare books, manuscripts, lab notebooks, correspondence, photographs, scientific reprints, born digital, etc.) on the history of molecular biology, genetics, life sciences, and biotechnology
  • Digitizing our collections to reach as broad an audience as possible
  • Offering scholarships to support research using primary resources on different topics in molecular biology, genetics, life sciences, and biotechnology
  • Offering a fellowship program for professionals who are interested in learning and building professional skills in scientific archives
  • Organizing annual history of science meetings and special events that bring together scientists, scholars, journalists, and the public to discuss the intersection of science and history
  • Creating and curating exhibitions

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Our librarians are here to assist you, whether you need to research a particular topic, obtain an article or book by inter-library loan, make color copies, or use any of the other services offered by the CSHL Library.