What does do?

This service provides direct links from a database citation to the full text of the article (if available) and other service options.

Find It! uses SFX software developed and provided by the Ex Libris Corporation.

Because SFX will open new windows, applications that block
must be disabled in order for SFX to work correctly for some databases.

Why do only some databases feature ?

Many, but not all, of the databases the library holds subscriptions to are "OpenURL enabled", the technology behind this linking feature. See list below.

What options does provide?

Because the Find It! linking service is context specific, service options will vary from citation to citation. When available, the Find It! button will link to one or more of the following:

  • full text of the journal article
  • an automatic search of the CSHL Library Catalog
  • an Interlibrary Loan request form
  • a Web search using words from the article's title
  • a link to get help via e-mail

Why is the full text article not always available?

There are two likely reasons: (1) there is no full-text version available (either for that journal or for specific [usually older] volumes of it, or (2) CSHL Library does not have a license for access to full-text for that journal.

Therefore, you may want to place a request through Interlibrary Loan for that item.

Why don't I always go straight to the article when I click on "full text"?

The Find It! linking service will get you as close to the full-text as it can, given the structure and quality of the data being passed by the database vendors. Sometimes you'll go straight to the full-text; sometimes you'll have to navigate the publisher's site yourself after that to get to the full-text. Essentially, a full-text link means that full-text is available -- but you may have to do some of the work of getting to it yourself.

What if I have a written down citation?

Sometimes you have a citation to an article from a footnote in a book or other paper material. The Citation Linker allows you to manually enter a citation and Find It! 

Which databases feature links?

  • ISI
    • ISI Highly Cited
    • Web of Knowledge
  • Faculty of 1000
  • OCLC
    • ERIC
    • Firstsearch
    • WorldCat
  • OVID
    • Biosis
    • HealthSTAR/Ovid Healthstar
  • PubMed
  • Science Direct

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