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Francis Crick's 104th Birthday

 Library & Archives is celebrating Francis Crick's 104th Birthday!

Francis Crick is best known for the discovery with Jim Watson of the DNA double helix, He was awarded the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his part in the discovery of DNA. 1961, Francis Crick and Sydney Brenner provided genetic proof that a triplet code was used in reading genetic material. Crick also made major contributions to x-ray crystallography.  His later research was in neuroscience and stimulated research on difficult problems like consciousness.

Cricks LegacyBrowse his digitized manuscript collection from the CSHL Archives.

Borrow books from the CSHL Library's Collection:

The astonishing hypothesis: the scientific search for the soul, by Francis Crick
What mad pursuit: a personal view of scientific discovery, by Francis Crick
Of molecules and men, by Francis Crick
The recent excitement in the coding problem, by Francis Crick
Francis Crick: hunter of life's secrets, by Robert Olby 
Francis Crick : discoverer of the genetic code 1st ed, by Matt Ridley
Crick, Watson, and DNA, by Paul Strathern

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