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LibKey Nomad

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Single click access to library content from publisher websites, PubMed, Wikipedia and more

  • Single click access to library content from publisher websites, PubMed, Wikipedia and more
  • Link to the full range of available content, including primary publishers, aggregators, open access alternatives and more
  • Easily install in seconds in Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser
  • Compatibility with enterprise imaging tools allows Nomad to be installed and pre-configured for your institution in all computers across your organization
  • For further technical details about LibKey Nomad please visit the LibKey Nomad FAQ in our support pages

 How does Nomad function with PubMed?


With Nomad installed, for the first time clinicians and researchers are able to download articles directly from the search results screen in PubMed!  LibKey presents in-line links as well as the ability to view articles "in context" within BrowZine, helping to launch them into a serendipitous discovery journey to similar articles from the same journal.  Further, LibKey also brings in the massive 22,000+ journal cover image archive to enhance the pubmed result page allowing popular journals like NEJM, BMJ, JAMA and others to jump out in the search results to help researchers better filter their search results.

How do you install Nomad?

LibKey Nomad is a Chrome browser extension which means you install it via the Chrome store. Installing and setup is quick and easy.  Simply download and install the extension, choose your supported institution "Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory" and you are all set.