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Images from Recent Publications @ CSHL

  • Feigin et al Nat Genet 2017

    Gene-proximal NCMs in repressors and activators cluster near distinct subsets of genes

  • Ipsaro et al PLoS One 2017

    Biochemical analysis of DOT1L VVEL293MM lysine methyltransferase activity

  • Krishnan et al Nat Commun 2016

    The effects of depleting piRNA pathway components

  • Licata et al J Neurosci 2017

    Decision-making task and strategy for disrupting PPC activity

  • Peikon et al Nucleic Acids Res 2017

    Graphical representation of the findings presented in the paper

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"Szent Gyorgyi wants to be AD, as honorary member [of the #RNA Tie Club]. I think we should do it..."
Boris Ephrussi "I have of course read (&learned by heart!) your notes in 'Nature'" on the structure of nucleic acids
Linus Pauling was prevented from attending 1952 protein meeting bc of passport issues - they took his passport away