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Publishers Requiring ORCID in 2016

Beginning from January 2016 the Publishers of a number of journals will be requiring authors to submit their ORCID ID's during the article submission process.

These Publishers include The Royal Society, PLoS, Science, eLife and The Company of Biologists.


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#NobelPrize winner Salvador Luria: "I found him [Francis Crick] a very impressive and pleasant person"
In honor of Sydney Brenner's 90th Birthday last Friday, here is H. Robert Horvitz discussing working with Brenner:
Hermann Joe Muller wrote his son about working in a lab where the temp fell below 50 degrees and sink pipes froze!
Aaron Klug recalls Rosalind Franklin: "...absolutely first class experimenter.... tremendous skill and insight."
Merry Christmas! - A Christmas card sent from #scientist George Gamow "with #RNA greetings"