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Publishers Requiring ORCID in 2016

Beginning from January 2016 the Publishers of a number of journals will be requiring authors to submit their ORCID ID's during the article submission process.

These Publishers include The Royal Society, PLoS, Science, eLife and The Company of Biologists.

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Photo of the Week: Jim Watson in his Harvard classroom, for Time Life, Inc. publication "The Scientist"
A college student wrote to Jim Watson in 1969 asking his advice for a future at Harvard and in science.
Robert E. Pollack wrote to Watson in 1988 prior to speaking at the dedication of the DNA Learning Center.
Today in 1978, Jim Watson lectured on "How Cells Move" at l'Université de Genève in Geneva, Switzerland.
Today in 1993, a French scholar wrote to Sydney Brenner to express his interest in research on C. elegans -